PCTR partners with experienced local running coaches who can help you take your running to the next level. Check out the list below for the latest opportunities.

HRC Salt Point Trail Running Camp

In this 8 week training camp, Coach Rachel Baker and Coach Matt Ho will help support you in your trail running dreams.

We will offer 2 coached workouts every week including: Thursday 6pm run with a coach and weekend run with both coaches.

All weekend runs will include a Strava map download that you will have access to during your run on your devices and in PDF format. You will receive a weekly coaching email which covers ways in which you can improve your health to become a monster on the trails, loose a few extra pounds, get into better shape, and/or live the best life possible.

All weekday workouts will take place in the Healdsburg or Santa Rosa area. Weekend runs will take place in the Bay Area. The wrap up will be YOU running the Salt Point Trail Running Events on July 8th (registration for this event is NOT included in the price of the camp).

Camps are all inclusive to all levels of running. Distances will start at 2 miles for the 9KM group, 3 miles for the 15KM group, 6 miles for the 26KM group and 10 miles for the 50KM group.