“Go run a trail.” – Club PCTR

Dear, Trail & Ultra Runners.

Thank you for 23 years of running with Pacific Coast Trail Runs. Our personal and business challenges have been well documented over the last three years. Recently, as we hit rock bottom, many of you have helped physically and financially to the PCTR cause. Thanks to you, we know we have another 20+ years ahead of us.

Last year, we were going to start the “Go run a trail.” club. Now, it’s here, and we look forward to you and 49 others joining. As we move forward with brand new races in new places, we will need your continued support. REI has been a great “Open Course Trail” partner of ours. I can’t think of a better product to embroider the “Go run a trail.” brand than on the REI Down Vest 2.0. I’ve been rocking it with a hoodie all winter and absolutely love it. On top of this, we are throwing in a bunch of other value below.

Lifetime Membership – $500

1. Club PCTR Individual Profile on website

2. “Go run a trail.” – REI Puffy Vest

3. “Go run a trail.” – Waterproof bag

4. “Go run a trail.” – Flat Bill Foam Trucker

5. “Go run a trail.” – Socks

6. 2 (Two) – Complementary Entries to 100K or less (No Exipration)

7. 20% off every PCTR race for a lifetime

8. One Lifetime member for each race will be chosen via drawing for VIP parking spot next to trailer at Finish Line.

—— After you pay, I will get your sizes and color option for REI vest.

—— Every year, you will get a 20% off discount code for you to use at all races. One race per code.

Biennial Membership (2-Year / 2023-24) – $50

1. Club PCTR Individual Profile on website

2. “Go run a trail.” – Waterproof bag

3. “Go run a trail.” – Flat Bill Foam Trucker

4. 10% off every race entry for through the end of 2024

Thank you!  

Below is a link “Join Here!” to sign up and enjoy the benefits immediately. 

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity,

Greg Lanctot
Race Director
Pacific Coast Trail Runs