The PCTR Story

Founded in 2000 by Wendell Doman and Sarah Spelt, Pacific Coast Trail Runs (PCTR) has set the standard for presenting old school, community-oriented trail running events in Northern California. PCTR was one of the first companies in the United States to offer a full schedule of trail ultramarathons, producing more than 20 races per year.  After Wendell and Sarah parted ways, PCTR was led by Sarah Spelt and Michael Popov (RIP Misha) through 2011. John and Maureen Brooks took the reins and continued to produce PCTR trail running events in Northern California through 2016.

A New Chapter

In 2016, PCTR was acquired by Greg and Jennifer Lanctot. Together, Greg and Jennifer have been setting the tone for modern day race production leading the way in runner safety, food and beverage handling, and outreach programs to include more youth, females, visually impaired, and runners of color at trail and ultrarunning events. 

A new chapter for Pacific Coast Trail Runs

Most recently, PCTR has added long-time PCTR Chef Yaku Moton-Spruill to its ownership group. While he’s known widely as a Food Network Celebrity Chef, he’s a family man  and fellow trail runner giving out huge hugs to runners along with a hot meal at the finish line. Together, Jenny, Greg, Yaku, and team create more than a trail race, it’s an experience. It’s all about the vibe at Pacific Coast Trail Runs events that sets them apart from other race series. Whether it’s running a 10K or 150 Miles, it’s mandatory to have a post race food and beverage celebration at the finish line for all entrants to enjoy. 

Meet Team PCTR

Greg Lanctot – Race Director

Before Greg and Jenny took over as the new owners, Greg Lanctot was an expert youth fitness trainer with emphasis in lifestyle management for kids on the spectrum. Suffering a life changing break in his lower spine, he was no longer able to train youth at a high functioning level. He was also no longer able to run ultramarathons. Already producing events at Quicksilver and having an elevated passion for the sport, buying PCTR with his wife Jenny was an easy career transition.

Jennifer Lopez-Lanctot – Owner, Timer

Jenny, as she is known in the trail and ultrarunning community, takes great pride in accurate results while bringing smiles to all runners. While her husband Greg is loud and gets all the credit, it’s Jenny that keeps the company and Greg grounded. Lopez-Lanctot is a 15-time finisher of the Quadruple Dipsea and finisher of the California Triple Crown series for endurance cycling.

Chef Yaku Moton-Spruill – PCTR Chef

In 2022, Yaku and his wife, Judith, kids Angel and Brooklyn, became co-owners with Greg & Jenny. His first experience with PCTR and trail running happened at the 2017 Headlands 100 Mile Endurance Run in the Marin Headlands. Since then, it’s been a post-race love affair with the PCTR community. Standing at 6 feet 9 inches, Yaku, 33 (San Francisco), was pretty much guaranteed to have the basketball world’s attention from an early age. But even while playing professionally in Europe, he couldn’t shake the fact that nothing made him as happy as cooking did. Born in Inkster, Mich., Yaku learned the art of the hustle, selling chicken dinners out of his dorm room in college to make money. Yaku draws his food philosophy from his Southern and Caribbean heritage, and he specializes in Latin American, stick-to-your-ribs comfort food that’s shareable. You may recognize him as a finalist on Food Network Star.

Karen Hanke – PCTR Graphic Design

Karen Hanke is the illustrator and designer of the acclaimed Jazz Fly series for children. A long time friend of PCTR, she has been creating artwork for their events since the company began. A runner since college, she has completed many trail races including four hundred mile runs : WS100 twice, The Bear and Santa Barbara. She also finished the Quad Dipsea 21 times. Karen is a huge animal lover and the proud mom of five bullodog girls and ten tropical tortoises. Recently she began painting pets on rock and stone.

You can find her on Instagram and the Web at:

Steve Prior – PCTR Partner

Steve Prior joined Pacific Coast Trail Runs permanently as partner in 2023. Steve has been an integral part of TEAM PCTR for several years as both a runner and volunteer. Steve’s passion for fishing is paramount to his happiness. When he’s not on the trails in the East Bay trails of Northern California, you can find Steve on a boat in the San Francisco Bay or Pacific Ocean. Steve’s favorite event is the “Salt Point Trail Run & Camping Experience” which happens the first Saturday after the 4th of July. Additionally, Steve is extremely humble and generous . He also brings a street vibe flare for cooking and hosting that made him an easy fit in our community and on our team.