Spend some time learning what “good golfers” have in common, then deconstruct these skills into smaller sub-skills that are easier to understand and practice.

They hit the ground in the same place every time.

They have enough power to play the golf course.

They Have a predictable ball flight and shot pattern.

They eliminate penalty shots

They eliminate 3 Putts

They eliminate 2 Chips


Set your target performance level by choosing four specific events in which you would like to play, then define what those event results would look like when finished.

Deconstruct those events into smaller sub-steps, then identify which sub-steps seem the most important.


Driving (A good tee shot that gives you a clear shot to the green)

Danger Zone Shots (Shots with low lofted clubs and high clubhead speeds)

Short Game (inside 30 meters)

Putting 5-15`


Make sure you have the proper tools needed to work.

Is your body fit to reach your goals?

Do you have the right equipment?

Do you have the best knowledge base of information for your goals?

Work on the most important sub-steps first.

Figure out how to hit the ground in the same spot every time.

Learn how to generate power to hit the ball further.


Use reference examples to get started and build confidence, then test various approaches to figure out how to develop the skills you need.



When you make an error, understand the root cause of why the error is happening, research the systems experts use to create a fast feedback loop. After understanding why the error occurs, experiment and discover your way to fix it. If you can’t fix the problem yourself… Search for help.



 Use the build, test, assess, and correct approach until you achieve your goals.



I wish you the best in your 2017 Health and Golf Journey!