Lucas Horan Memorial Race Entry

On December 25th, 2020, the world lost an incredible human and ultra runner named Lucas Horan. Lucas had a passion for pushing the limits of distance at any time of the day or night. Lucas didn’t need a race or an event to do this. While he entered and finished plenty of well known ultra and mega ultra distance events around the world, he would often create his own either on the fly or well planned out. If you were lucky enough to join him on one of his adventures, then your life was altered in a good way forever.

His connection to Pacific Coast Trail Runs was the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Because of his circumnavigation and an invitation from his life partner, Katherine “KK” Fischer, we met on the day he completed his journey around Bay Area Ridge Trail, for the second time. Also there from left to right in the photo were PCTR Race Director Greg Lanctot, Lucas Horan, Jenn Gaskell, KK Fischer, and Matt Glaser. Thank you to the team at Bay Area Ridge Trail for the vintage shirts. They look amazing. In symbiosis, experiences and dreams flowed from person to person. Since that day, and his passing, those that knew him think about him often and channel the spirit of Lucas to start or complete a race or adventure. Let’s keep it going.

Pacific Coast Trail Runs (PCTR) with Lucas’s ultra spirit are proud to share his and others experiences of pushing the limits of your mind, heart, body, and spirit to inspire others. Our gift to his legacy, his friends, family, the trail community, and you, will be by offering a simple entry to every ultramarathon we produce. We will call this the Lucas Horan Memorial Ultra Race Entry. For any event PCTR produces that features an ultramarathon distance, we will provide a complimentary entry to the event. To be qualified for entry, we want to hear your story. The main qualification is that you have never run, walked, hiked, biked, or anything that simulates an ultramarathon. Please share your story and tell us why you would be honored to run in the name of Lucas Horan for your first ultramarathon.

Lucas Horan Memorial Race Entry Form