1. All ages are welcome. Show up on time, serve with enthusiasm, and follow volunteer guidelines. Your presence makes a huge difference for everyone participating!

2. All volunteers are required to sign a waiver, check-in, and check-out.

Race Credit Policy

1. Each hour of volunteering is worth $15 race credit toward a PCTR event. Shall you volunteer more than 8 hours, then you will receive 1.6x (15 x 1.6 = 25) in race credit value for over time. So if you volunteer 9 hours. You will receive $120 in race credits for 8 hours and $25 for the 9th hour. Total: $145

2. Those who volunteer for 4 hours or more will also receive the race’s SWAG item and a hot meal.We are one of the few organizations that has a chef team at our events. We take great pride in rewarding our  volunteers and staff with hot food service before, during, or after your shift.

3. Shall you volunteer in order to receive volunteer credit for a school, organization, and/or other race that requires sign-off for such duty, then no race credits will be awarded. You will receive a meal and beverage.

Race credits will be available for you to use in the following 2 years from the date of service. When you see a race you like – contact the race director. The RD will send you a code to use.

Thank you for volunteering! Having enough volunteers is essential to ensure the safety of the runners and the smooth running of the event.